This page illustrates several of the Menu style options and locations, using the main menu options, the "Plus" Extra Menu Shortcode or the "Weaver Xtreme Plus Menu" Widget.
Sidebar is set to stack below content on mobile.

All Horizontal Extra Menus transition to a slide open mobile menu on small screen devices. Reduce your browser size to observe the transition.
Combined with the Header Horizontal Widget Area, it lets you organize your menus and header items anyway you want.

Xtreme provides 4 sets of fully customizable styling options (primary, secondary, extra and mini), but as usual with Weaver Themes, you can create any number of additional styles using Custom CSS.
You can also combine standard Xtreme options with more advanced custom CSS styles, as was done for the Button Style Menu on this page. (The Custom CSS needed for this Button Style Menu is explained in one of the Xtreme tutorials here: Button Style Menus)

Extra Menu Shortcodes
ex Style-primary (left aligned)

Style-secondary (right aligned, custom buttons, add HTML / Social Icons)

Style-extra (centered, rounded, shadow, border, separators)