Below are some of the Shortctodes coming with the Weaver Xtreme "Plus" Plugin. They can be found in the + Xtreme Plus page.
More information for that plugin can be found here: Plus Plugin
You can check the "Plus" plugin documentation here: "Plus" plugin Documentation

The Extra Menus shorcodes allow you to insert any menu anywhere using various styles.
These are demonstrated in the Menus page of this site.

Social Buttons Shortcode lets you add a number of social icons in any content area.

Link Buttons Shortcode lets you create you own link buttons.

The Search Shortcode lets you insert the search bar anywhere.

The widget_area shortcode lets you insert your own custom widget area anywhere.
You can create as many extra widget areas as you like, and use them either as a replacement to standard widget areas on specific pages, or simply insert them in your content with the widget_area shortcode.
You can format and style them using any of the widget area styles available in the theme.

The showhide Shortcode lets you create content that can be opened or closed at the touch of a button.
Click to view the content. show

The popup_link Shortcode lets you open any URL inside a popup window.
Click on the link to the right to open the Weaver Forum in such a widow. Weaver Support Forum